Greg Owsley

Who I am…

A Catholic. A husband. A son. A creative. A learner. A teacher.

I am passionate about Ignatian Education, Mathematics, Neuroeducation & Learning Science, and Juggling.

A member of the great class of 2000, I got my start teaching summer school at age 19. I’ve taught nearly every course in the Rockhurst Mathematics curriculum, but have spent the majority of my time teaching AP Calculus I and II. Now, entering my eleventh year as a full-time Ignatian educator, I am energized and excited about my new role as Rockhurst STEAM Director.

Beyond the classroom, I have served the Rockhurst community as a freshmen basketball coach, chess team coach (including four state titles), juggling club moderator, and Kairos retreat director.

My academic philosophy…

My educational philosophy stems from an assumption that every person innately desires to learn. I strive to kindle and nurture that desire. As an educator, I aim to facilitate a learning environment that not only brings out a love of knowledge, but also brings out the best within each person. Ignatian pedagogy frees us to take into account the whole person when empowering and assessing learners. Striving for the magis, striving for more - a more holistic approach to supporting learners; perhaps this is the difference between a teacher and an Ignatian educator.

Research supports that all students can learn and grow their skills through effort.

And to respond to Mr. Winkeler’s educational philosophy, I defer to the following comic

My dream classroom…

Student-Centered. Collaborative. Creative. Inspired. Meaningful.

A dream room for my students is a living, moving, empowering space that optimizes their learning. Mark Twain asserted “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education”. In this way, the space enhances the learning experience by activating the students’ imagination and their love of learning.

My STEAM goals

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, he describes the three criteria for succes:

  1. He must be smart enough (which all Rockhurst students are)
  2. Lots of time of intentional practice (10,000 hours)
  3. An opportunity to utilize 1 & 2.

My goal with the STEAM initiative is to create as many opportunities as possible for our students and faculty. In this way we can realize our vision.

Greg Owsley

Greg Owsley

STEAM Director

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