What is Active Learning?

“A big problem is that traditional learning experiences are not aligned with how the brain works, particularly as it relates to attention.”
- Andrew Kim, Education Researcher at Steelcase

Active Learning is a new educational mindset. Steelcase Education is a major player in influencing the future of education. The goal of learning is for students to be the actors of their learning. They need to be engaged! Learning doesn’t happen through osmosis as Socrates articulated in Plato’s dialogue, The Symposium.

Image Credit: Steelcase Education Solutions - Active Learning

How do we redesign classroom space?
How do we adjust our pedagogy?

Rockhurst High School’s mission is to form “men with and for others” who are intellectually competent, religious, committed to justice, open to growth and loving. During instruction time, how can a school help its students improve their ability to be open to growth and loving? The STEAM initiative believes students need to actively interact more with each other. We want to leverage the strong brotherhood that exists at Rockhurst and get the students to engage with one another more frequently during instruction time.