Congrats to our competitive programmers for taking 5th and 9th place at the Northwest Missouri State high school programming contest. The Clojures team comprised of David King ‘20 and Sal Nigro ‘20 placed 9th (seen left below). The Prototypes team of Justus Burdick ‘21 and Ben Keefe ‘20 placed 5th (seen right below).

Competitive programmers, David King '20, Sal Nigro '20, Justus Burdick '21, Ben Keefe '20

Teams used one computer and any printed resources. Languages included C, C++, Java, and Python. The contest lasted three hours during the afternoon after a morning practice session and lunch.


<div class="flex-wrapper"> Contest standings </div>


Above is a screenshot from the official standings found here:

The link also includes access to the archive of programming problems.

Finally, I’d like to thank Dr. Michael Rogers for getting us into this competition last minute. We hope to attend next year!