An aspect of Rockhurst’s STEAM initiative entails Rockhurst High School serving the broader community: being a “School for Others.” This takes many shapes, from hosting a regional STEM Conference to participating in STEAM nights at other schools.

In the summer of 2018, Mr. Andy Wilcox presented at the National Science Teachers’ Association STEM EXPO in Philadelphia, PA. His presentation, entitled “How to Start a Robotics Program from Nothing,” shared the Rockhurst story with educators from around the nation.

This presentation could be a keynote. -NSTA Educator

He led a discussion that engaged the audience on the process that Rockhurst went through, and continues to iterate, to build the school’s robotics’ program. From the inception of the program when it was an “idea” for a robotics team in the Spring of 2014, to leading the robotics team - the Jesubots - to two world championship appearances in three years. He shared elements of his curriculum as well as core principles to the team’s philosophy such as the mentor motto, which says, “Teach them, Lead them, LET THEM.” The success of the robotics team and courses then led to Rockhurst High School creating a Computer Science and Engineering Department.

Not only are the students lucky to have passionate educators like Mr. Andy Wilcox, but teachers from around the country are able to benefit as well. AMDG.