This framework will really help me with my projects. - RHS Student as he takes a picture of the notes on the wall.
"Everything you do in life is a project." - Ms. Harris

On April 19th, Ms. Unice Harris came to share some project management skills to students. About two dozen students attended the activity period presentation in the pitch space. Afterwards, many students commented about how applicable these skills can be in their own lives, whether it be with club projects, class projects or simply staying organized from day to day.

Ms. Harris shared with the students the value a project manager can bring to an organization. Students started thinking about project management as a possible career path. Some of the students in attendance remarked how they witnessed these skills when they participated in the JE Dunn Mentoring Program.

Project management skills are life skills that any young man will need throughout his life. The skill is needed to prepare them to manage households as they grow into men, to plan classes etc for a successful college experience as well as everyday events right now. - Ms. Harris

Project management is becoming a more and more popular career path. The STEAM initiative at Rockhurst is thinking about how to cultivate student project management skills as part of their high school experience. Students find value in learning how to break big projects down into smaller parts, and then giving themselves credit when they make progress.

Ms. Harris is a professional project manager and current Rockhurst parent. She also volunteered at Rockhurst when the school hosted the regional STEM Conference. More information about project management can be found at the links below:

PM All Access Project Management Institute The Home of Scrum