The following reflection was written by Clayton Chambon after volunteering at the KC Area Life Science Institute Annual Dinner.

Clayton Chambon, senior at Rockhurst High School, helping answer questions for the KCALSI art auction.

During the presentation given at the dinner, I found many things to be incredibly inspiring and motivational. As I have grown up, my ideas of where we are today with regards to science were thought to have been more archaic than reality has most recently stated; I was ignorant. After witnessing that presentation, now I can truly say that I am glad to be alive at this particular time in human history. I say this because I have always wanted to be a scientific researcher, and it excites me to see the plethora of newfound studies. Seeing the new studies has moved me to try and see what else could be accomplished– to want to strive for more possibilities. It has instilled within me even more of a motivation to do research and therefore to find potentially better options in order to better the lives of other human beings.