Where has the STEAM initiative put Rockhurst on the national map?

At the end of March, Rockhurst was awarded a STEM Certification from AdvancED, the largest international school accreditation agency. Rockhurst is the first school in Missouri or Kansas to receive this recognition. The official story can be read here.

This recognition affirms the hard work of the entire Rockhurst staff to provide the best possible 21st century education for its students. Furthermore, the accolade is stacked upon Rockhurst’s acceptance to the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools (NCSSS). When touring the MIT labs last November, the MIT Admissions director communicated that approximately 10% of its current student body comes from the 80+ NCSSS schools. Rockhurst’s membership into this organization creates an advantage for its college bound students. More importantly, acceptance into the agency indicates that Rockhurst is providing an education that competes with other top national schools.

Rockhurst is one of two schools in the country that can claim both of the above honors. The STEAM initiative is not done yet. The mission of a Jesuit school never stops! These symbols are symptoms of the means by which Rockhurst educates men with and for others, they are not ends. As Rockhurst continues to push the education envelope, it will be exciting to see the other consequences that indicate the school’s success.