"What if I'm not a computer guy?" - Anonymous incoming Freshman.

Now that all freshmen are taking Introduction to Computer Science, it’s important that the school takes action to set up all students for success. Communication Arts Department Chair, Nicole Smith, recognized that Rockhurst High School needed to create some opportunities for certain students.

Despite the fact that the current generation of high school students grow up surrounded by technology, they didn’t come right out of the womb programming and often using technology in other ways than to support their learning. Incoming students possess a wide variety of computer skills.

Therefore, Ms. Nicole Smith and Mr. Kevin McGill taught a free computer essentials summer course for incoming freshmen. After about a month into the school year, they asked the students how effective the course was in helping set them up for success. The results were positive. Students mostly appreciated the lessons involving navigating the various Google applications used at Rockhurst High School

As the STEAM initiative helps support Rockhurst High School prepare students for their world, it’s crucial that programs like these exist so that opportunities will exist for all students to be successful.

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