This is the week that school starts. Teachers are called to return starting this Monday, and students will begin their orientation programs this week. Monday next week we are back in full swing again. I’d like to take an opportunity before things start getting too hectic to officially announce what’s planned for Computer Science at Rockhurst High School for the 2016-17 school year.

Rockhurst High School offers the following four Computer Science courses for the 2016-17 academic year:

  • Intro to Computer Science (one semester)
  • Software Application Development (one semester)
  • AP Computer Science Principles (two semesters)
  • AP Computer Science A (two semesters)

I blogged previously about the Intro CS course.

Software Application Development focuses primarily on iOS development, taking advantage of the current one-to-one iPad program at the high school and the fact that we have Apple computer labs. To power mobile applications in this course, students will learn about virtual hardware, deploy their own Linux servers, install and configure a MySQL database instance, and write RESTful API routes in Node.js and Express.

The two AP courses have curriculum frameworks developed by the Advanced Placement College Board.

AP Computer Science Principles - is a broad survey type of course aimed at promoting computer science and attracting minorities to the discipline.

AP Computer Science A focuses on a subset of Java. This is the course that best prepares students to declare a Computer Science major in college. This course hits upon topics covered in a variety of college courses specifically Intro to Problem Solving and Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms.