When Greg Owsley asked me if I wanted to enroll in the SensED IoT workshop at the end of July, I was reluctant to give up 30 hours of my free time at the end of summer vacation. Just one week earlier, I was attending the AP Computer Science A workshop in Palo Alto thinking of excuses that could get me dismissed from the SensED workshop. I decided not to flake out and rather give it a chance.

To my delight, the SensED IoT workshop was attended by a small number of teachers, was hosted by not one but two workshop organizers, and featured a variety of interesting and relevant guest speakers. Moreover, it was beneficial to my upcoming academic year and armed me with a collection of materials that I will likely use to support my instruction of the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum framework.

I am eager to drop this SensED curriculum into the AP Computer Science Principles course and see if we can get some prototypes developed by the students for the Innovation Challenge in Spring 2017.