What’s the moral of this story?

All students prefer the Active Learning Classrooms. Only 2 out of 252 students had an average rating below a 3 out of 5. Therefore 250 of the 252 students rated the Active Learning Classrooms as creating in improved learning experience. Overall, the average was a 4.365; thus, somewhere between ‘a little easier’ and ‘a lot easier’.

The students who rated questions the highest seem to articulate that the comfort is the greatest factor. The bottom half simply state that the room is an improvement. Overall, I believe that we can conclude that the Active Learning Classrooms improved the learning experience of our students this year. Take a look at the data and decide for yourself.

Establishing these results

Another interactive way of looking at the Active Learning Classroom Perception data is below. The long horizontal line represents the average rating students gave to all questions (4.370 out of 5). The smaller line segments represent the particular student’s average. One can scroll left and right to read all of the student comments based on their average score.

The above infographcic gave me an idea. If we separated the survey respondents into two groups, those that had individual averages above the group average and those whose averages fell below the overall average, then what would we discover?

The top 15 words of the bottom half are on the left. The top 15 words of the top half group are on the right.

Hmm…so many words are the same. What if we crossed out all of the words in common?

Remaining words in the bottom half:

“Really work better”

Remaining words in the top half:

“Comfortable around room”