The electronic equipment for the new rooms arrived yesterday!

The actual equipment in and of itself is exciting, but the prospect of putting the educational notion of ‘triangulation’ in action excites me more. We had a few small hiccups with where to put the TVs.

Should we remove the closet doors?

How far away from the strobe light (for the fire alarm) does the TV need to be?

The patience, understanding and flat out competence of the maintenance staff really made my day.

“I really like to feel included. Working with the students is why I’m here. I could be working somewhere else, but God put me here,” commented Scott to me this morning.

What a quote! Some may be surprised that the quote did not come from a teacher, but from one of our maintenance staff. Scott works with a group of young men throughout the summer, holidays, and everyday after school. He knows his workers just as well, if not better, than anyone in the building - including the teachers.

When people speak of STEAM, they often think of experiential, hands-on, collaborative learning.

Are these values already embedded in our work-grant program?

We have so much to learn from each other.