Expected Impact

Will consistent exposure to an Active Learning environment impact a student’s mindset? Will it help them develop a sense of agency where they can better exhibit self-control habits? The goal of the Active Learning is not simply to raise the grades of students (although that is a desired goal). Ultimately, the desire is to determine the ability of Active Learning to positively impact other skills such as the growth mindset and self-control of students. Indeed, there are research based practices that teachers utilize to address mindsets.Ultimately, Rockhurst High School wants all students to have a strong sense of agency - the ability to identify a goal and then proactively take the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Engaging in active learning will be perceived as an improved learning experience for the students. Evidence already points that this expected impact is true.

Part of the Rockhurst vision is to be an educational leader in the community, a ‘school for others’. We already try to serve the larger educational community by sharing our learning with others. As a private institution, we are agile. We are committed to sharing what we learn with all other educational institutions so that they may make the best high-impact decisions for their students, especially the most at-risk students who need a more individualized and active learning approach to empower their learning.