The Students from the Fundamentals of Science Research course dove all in to their science experiements during the 2018 - 2019 school year. Students immerse themselves in authentic science projects. The description of that course reads:

In this course, students will engage in all of the steps of the scientific process, beginning with the proposal of an original hypothesis and ending in the communication of their research results. Initially, the class will focus on information literacy. Students will learn about different types of scientific articles, how to use databases to search for articles, and how to read them effectively. The second area of focus will be experimental design, measurements, and record-keeping. A third focus will be on analyzing data with statistics and some tools/software used for this. Lastly, students will use what they’ve learned to select an authentic topic/question, design a feasible research project, and conduct it on campus at Rockhurst High School. Students will chronicle the progress of their research by maintaining a work log and reflect upon their experiences by documenting “records of thinking”. This progress will be shared with the teacher throughout the year and followed up with one-on-one mentoring meetings. Students will complete a written report of their research, as well as present their findings/experiences at a Rockhurst Research Symposium at the end of the year.

Check out the student projects below: