On November 12th, 2018, Students from the Entrepreneurship for Othesr class shared the status of their busines canvas at the Young Entrepreneurs Showcase, which was part of the program for Global Entrepreneurship Week. The event was hosted at Westport Plexpod Commons. Over 300 students from the region came to learn about the various student projects. Furthermore, entrepreneurs from all over the region were asking the students questions about their product/service. As the morning progressed, the various groups started competing with each other for which group could procure the most business cards from area entrepreneurs!

Check out some of the pictures below.

Young Entrepreneurs Showcase at Westport Plexpod Commons
Team Magnetic Magic provide a service to replace buttons with magnets to help those with Parkinson's disease or other ailments
Team Grainness are attempting to save lives by creating a safer harness for farmers who need to work on grain bins. Dozens of farmers die each year from falling into grain bins.
Team Project Christopher are putting sensors on automobiles so that blame can be appropriately assigned during accidents. Unjust blame tends to favor the affluent.


Team Puarlee is developing a cheap way to prevent tangled headphones.
Team Cool Moms is using self-regulation skin science to create a lawn chair that strategically cools the lounger on a hot day.
Team Educomm is creating a technology solution to help homework become more evenly distributed from one night to the next. The problem isn't too much homework; the problem is that it is unevenly distributed.
Team RecBooth is creating a pop-up recording studio to provide access to those who want to make their own music, but can't afford to record at a studio.