Science knows no borders. It does not know nationality, personality, characteristics of people….science simply “is”. Science is blind, it is consistent, it reacts in a manner allowing all to observe and enjoy.

There are few aspects around us that can get an entire world to stop, pause, and observe… is one of them. The effects of the recent solar eclipse are still strong, it changed how we all look at the sky together. The eclipse united a country, a country so divided on its future, how it views its common man, how best to spend money…..this country paused for a moment and looked up, together. Science made this happen.

If you understand science, you must be an ambassador and share it with others. Science is meant to be shared, not kept. The joy of science is being with someone when they see Jupiter through a telescope for the first time, when they experience an explosive chemical reaction, or when they witness the birth of an animal.

We expect our students to be ambassadors for many things, science being one of them. Following the eclipse, the Astronomy Club collected many of the eclipse glasses for a service project; they will be sent to a group called Astronomers Without Borders. The AWB will be sending the glasses to developing countries for future solar eclipses (such as 2024, which will go through part of Central America). We all share the same sky; the hope is that these glasses bring joy and wonder to those who experience the next eclipse.

Recently the Science Department was able to invest in new microscopes for our Biology Classes. Our microscopes that we used last year are in excellent shape and have many years of viewing ahead of them. In hopes of sharing the joy of science, our microscopes will be donated to Our Lady of Hope Grade School, a school that our Hurtado Scholars are alumni of. It is an honor for us to share our resources with Our Lady of Hope. We hope the science gained from these microscopes inspires more young minds to pursue the truth and reason of our natural world.