The following reflection was written by Jacob Hiss.

Working as a lab tech my sophomore year for the biology department, I have been exposed to eye opening situations. As a freshman biology student I took many things for granted. I was lazy and didn’t see the value in many of the labs my class completed. I simply saw them as a “free day” where my friends and I could have some fun. Nevertheless, my view on a labs has completely turned around. While working alongside many teachers in the science department, helping set up and prepare for labs, I have seen the hard work that goes into executing an education yet entertaining lab. I’ve gained a lot of respect for the work my teachers do each and every day. One of my most humbling experiences came when I was working with the reptiles of the science department. Nothing brings you to respect the teacher who willingly works with this animals every day than the stench that fills their cages.

In addition to the respect I’ve gained I’ve also learned many valuable lessons on how to properly handle lab equipment. I’ve learned how to prepare microscope slides, to properly clean glassware, and how to care for small lab tools. As a student who envisions his future in science, these small lessons are basic yet irreplaceable.

Overall, my experience as a lab tech has been nothing but positive. I have gotten to see all the improvements made the Rockhurst High School’s science department and am more than excited for what the future of the STEAM program holds.