The following reflection was written by Rockhurst junior Wyatt Pelton:

Rockhurst is as much an institute to build bonds as it is to educate. We form brotherly bonds with our fellow students, we build bonds with our teachers. But recently, thanks to the collaboration between Mr. Winkeler and J E Dunn, Rockhurst has given students the opportunity to build bonds with companies and potential careers.

J E Dunn, a local general contracting company, has partnered with Rockhurst to form a sort of internship program with students interested in a career path involving engineering. The goal of the program is to give insight into the planning, financial, and technical processes that go into the construction of any major building project. Those in the program are expected to present a final project at the end of the year to demonstrate what they’ve learned. J E Dunn is overseeing the construction of the new field house, and recently hosted a site visit for those in the program. Our group met on the hill looking over the fieldhouse. Two men greeted us and provided the necessary safety equipment before we walked onto the site itself. They explained the immense amount of coordination that goes into even the simplest construction project, with different companies working on electricity, plumbing, masonry, and so on. They gave us some specs on the building, and showed us the equipment used to plan and simulate the project. It gave me an appreciation for the problem solving that goes into such projects. The tour was brief, but it gave me a glimpse into a place that may be my job in just a few short years. I’m interested what J E Dunn will show me next.