We are in the midst of an ambitious education initiative and at the very core is the important question…what is best for our students’ academic future? While acquisition of knowledge is important, what does it allow our students to do? What does it allow them to become? Does lecturing basic facts lead to skill acquisition?

The key is not just to unlock students’ passions, but to foster an environment that captures a student’s desire to ask questions. Questions are the foundation that all academics can be built upon, regardless of if the student has a passion for the discipline. It stems from curiosity, which leads to questions, which then leads to a pursuit for truth.

When a student asks a question, he is showing a desire to uncover truths pertaining to that particular discipline. A question can lead to utilizing problem solving, which is what our students desperately need more of. From a question, a student can design an experiment that requires data collection and from the analysis of the data, conclude by determining an answer to the question.

Questions are paramount to Science…..without questions, there is no Science. They are the key to all science research, to the use of inquiry, and to all experiments. Questions lead to a deeper encounter with concepts and they are completely student driven. Problem solving to answer those questions is likely the most important skill we can foster in students and that is regardless of what discipline they pursue in college.

Our challenge is, while reflecting and reviewing our current curriculum, is to develop a set of curricula that produces an environment where students are asking questions.

Questions are the key to our initiative……